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Greg “G3″ Glaze
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Greg “G3″ Glaze
CEO – RockLan One
Owner – The G3 Agency
Program Director – RockLan One Radio and 3345 Live
Executive Producer – RockLan One, Beats And Lyrics, Raw Sugar, Letz Werk, 3345 Live, Worst Behavior, and The Box
Editor / Publisher – RockLan One Magazine, Beats And Lyrics Magazine, Music Now Magazine, Letz Werk Quarterly, and 3345 Magazine
Ask For Me, I Aint Never Scared
I’m Everywhere, You Aint Never There
Why Would I Ever Care?
Pound For Pound…
I’m The Best To Ever Come Around Here,
Excluding Nobody, Look What I Embody…
The Soul Of A Hustler, I Really Ran The Street…
A CEO’s Mind, That Marketing Plan Was Me…

“What More Can I Say” Jay Z
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